Field Management

Maintenance and Upkeep of Property

Being your property manager brings the responsibility of being in your shoes. As a result of this, maintaining the property in the highest possible standards will be of prime concern to us. Every effort will be made to ensure long life and proper service of the building equipment. We will hire the best vendors in the fields of HVAC, plumbing and janitorial service to ensure that we maintain the highest standards.  We will make sure appropriate inspections are performed periodically to ensure that building systems are working at optimal conditions.  Our vendors communicate with us frequently and because of these relationship we manage properties more efficiently.

We also regularly inspect the premises to ensure proper attention is given by staff as to cleanliness and maintenance.  Work orders to the building staff will be followed up on so that no job remains undone without coming to the attention of the agent. Field management is always under the close supervision of high level employees of our company. No building is left in the care of staff at the building.

Maintaining Appropriate Levels of Inventory

Through our experience with properties throughout NYC, we strive to maintain adequate supplies at the building so that no job has to be put off for the lack of proper parts. What we do not do is overstock in supplies as we use our managing agent’s expertise in purchasing to maintain the appropriate levels of material. The use of supplies is checked against purchase orders and work tickets.

Building Staff

We have great relationships with our building staffs.  We know what to expect from our employees and we know what they are entitled to. Work schedules will be prepared, where necessary, and adhered to. Employees will be supervised and given proper instruction in the performance of their job functions.  We will make sure that all labor laws are being complied with and address concerns immediately by our staff to ensure their duties are not bogged down by superfluous issues.


Major contractual work or capital improvements will be given to contractors based on their quality of work and competitive bids. We will set up a bidding process to ensure that the contractors submit appropriate bids and necessary licensing and insurance is provided.  Property managers will ensure that all work is done pursuant to New York City’s rules and regulations.

Emergency Situations

Emergencies are handled quickly and efficiently. We employ a reliable 24-hour answering service to answer our telephone when the office is closed at night, on weekends and holidays. cellular phones numbers are given to staff at the buildings so they can contact the property managers at any time should an emergency arise.  We ensure that At least one of our agents is always “on duty” to handle an emergency situation. When building staff is unavailable or unable to handle the problem, local contractors are utilized for emergency repairs when required. We manage buildings throughout the NYC metropolitan area, and, can very often get a superintendent from a neighboring building to cover an emergency. Owners or a designated board member will be informed of any emergency situation that arises at the property.

Safety & Security

We maintain security safeguards and are always looking for advanced security systems that are entering the marketplace.  The buildings security systems are constantly inspected by staff and we will train and supervise to ensure that safeguards are being enacted.  Everyone at the building will be made aware of the great importance safety and security concerns.